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How we helped Jane beat what the doctors couldn’t

jane1“It is with great appreciation, that Megan and I, say THANK YOU JACK AND THE HOMPES METHOD PROGRAM!” – Jane.

Jane C, 54 years young, pictured here with her daughter, Megan had a whole plethora of symptoms that had been undermining her quality of life for a while.

Like so many others, her story is inspiring and I hope it encourages you that you, too, can achieve truly excellent health, no matter how you’re feeling right now.

Jane was struggling with:

  • Acid reflux
  • Osteopenia for 8 years (bone density loss)
  • Mild hay fever
  • Occasional constipation
  • Burping when she ate certain foods
  • Abdominal pain
  • Cravings and excess hunger
  • Mucus in her throat following the consumption of green drinks
  • Low libido

Jane’s Stool Test

Jane had already run a stool test with her doctor to check her digestive health.

The test had revealed:

  • H pylori
  • A strong (+4) yeast and fungal overgrowth (Candida)

She says:

“I found out I had H pylori quite by accident, and it was an ugly shock. What had started the journey that led to uncovering the H pylori and a 4+ yeast overgrowth was my osteopenia.”

A faulty gut can cause gradual bone problems because amino acids and minerals needed for optimal bone formation may not be transported into the body properly).

“When the test results came in, the doctor called me and said we should talk. She then explained that the H. pylori and the yeast overgrowth were things I should take seriously and wished me luck.

I really became alarmed when I read about all the effects in my body that the H. pylori could cause, including osteopenia. Since I had the 4+ yeast overgrowth, there was no way to consider antibiotic treatment for the H. pylori.

I’ve always tried to limit any drug use anyway, but between the yeast and the huge amount of antibiotics recommended and the lack of good results, I began searching for another option.

That was when I found Dave Hompes’ videos online and began watching them. I ordered his book, and read that. From the beginning I felt very hopeful and trusted that was the route to go.”

Like her daughter, Megan, Jane began her journey back to optimal wellness and vitality by adjusting her food intake, under the weekly guidance of her Hompes Method coach, Jack Walton.

“The weekly phone calls were an anchor and helped to reassure us that we would be able to deal with this. I was quite alarmed at the beginning; but through conversation with Jack, was able to put my body’s health in a better perspective, and deal with the H. pylori and yeast as only part of a larger issue and goal.

That lowered if not eliminated the stress of having the H. pylori and yeast. I gained confidence in dealing with and in trusting that I could influence my body’s health.”

Working for just 90-days on specific protocols to remove bad bugs, improve digestion and immune function, Jane reported the following improvements to her symptoms:

  • Zero acid reflux
  • No digestive symptom complaints
  • Regular bowel movements for first time in years
  • Complete elimination of mucus in the morning
  • No cravings and excess hunger

When we ran her stool re-test in August 2013, Jane was delighted to find that her H pylori and fungal overgrowth had gone.

Her test result is shown below:


The importance of running the right test

The single key step taken by both Jane and Megan was to take the plunge and get a stool test done.

Without that test, our man Jack simply wouldn’t have been able to recommend the appropriate recovery plan for either Jane or Megan.

Furthermore, the family would have continued to feel stressed about the mysterious symptoms plaguing them.

It’s credit to Jane’s doctor that the stool test was run in the first place, but just wishing Jane luck with her H pylori and fungal overgrowth wasn’t especially helpful.

We take pride in our skills in managing these situations for concerned and symptomatic clients and, as you have seen, Jack was able to help both these lovely ladies make huge strides in their health.

If you’re struggling with similar symptoms and feel like you’re hitting a brick wall in trying to find answers, a stool test might be the answer.

You don’t need to go anywhere – the kits are shipped to you at home so you can provide the sample in the privacy of your own home.

When the results come back, let us do the hard work for you. We’ll interpret the results, look at your health history in depth and even analyze your food diary for you.

We’ll then make the appropriate recommendations to help you forge forward to improved vitality.

What’s more, if you take a test and it comes back blank, you’ll get a full refund.

You can find out more about a test, or arrange one, here.