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How Marcelino beat 8 years of illness


tussel_300Marcelino, an ex-professional cyclist from Barcelona in Spain contacted us because for the last eight years he’d been struggling with a whole bunch of  symptoms.

He says:

“I had visited every doctor in my city and they just told me that I had some “genetic” tendency to have acid reflux and problems related, which to me was really lacking of sense.”

Marcelino’s symptoms included:

  • Heartburn and acid reflux
  • Nausea
  • Bloating and gas
  • Belching after meals
  • Alternating diarrhea and constipation
  • Weakness
  • Low energy levels
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Fluctuating anxiety and depression
  • Sweet cravings
  • Difficulty gaining muscle mass


Fortunately, with his diligence and a willingness to take action, Marcelino was able to overcome all these symptoms.

He continues:

“It all started because I was racing cycling at a professional level, and with the loosing weight goal in mind, I started to care less about my nutrition.

So I lost a lot of weight without any professional help or balanced diet.

I just did it reducing the calories that I was putting into my body. Very bad decision.

So with the extreme effort in my racing days and the poor diet that I was following I think I got really weak and I started to get all kinds of illness that I’ve never had before.”

“And I think that I was so weak that I even got the H pylori with some food poisoning traveling to Latin America.

I went to a great seafood restaurant, and I got food poisoned.

After that I never really recovered.

My body was so weak that the bugs stayed inside and everything went worst since that day.

That was the moment that I looked for help and I was very lucky to find Dave Hompes and his team.”

Because Marcelino hadn’t been able to find anyone to actually take the time to test why he may not be feeling well, he took the plunge and ordered a comprehensive stool test from us.

It’s a good job he did, as it revealed he had H pylori, a yeast and fungal overgrowth and pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis).


Another really important finding from Marcelino’s stool test was elevated lactoferrin, which happens because of inflammation in the intestine.

Clearly the foods he was eating and/or the bad bugs were causing a lot of irritation to his gut.


Finally, you can also see that Marcelino was not digesting his dietary fat properly, as shown by high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in his stool.

This indicated that his pancreas and gallbladder needed support.



On receiving these results, Marcelino began working with Jack, one of my Hompes Method Master Practitioners.

Jack helped Marcelino remove bad foods from his diet and consume more good foods, in the right proportions for his individual needs.

He added a herbal stomach cleanse to fight the H pylori and yeast/fungal overgrowth, and recommended an over-the-counter medication to kill the pinworm.

“I followed everything that Jack told me to do. Doing a small change every week.

I started to cook my own food and stop eating a lot of junk food that I used to eat a lot in the street before.

I now understand the importance of the food that we put into our system.

Jack was very supportive all the time and had a lot of patience with me, which I tremendously appreciate.

I was informing every problem or situation that I had and how I was feeling and he used to respond me very fast to see what was the best thing that we could do in order to keep achieving our goals.

I started to feel with more energy & I recovered my natural sleep cycle. I think that from that moment I started to see most important changes in my health overall status.

Overall I feel much more healthy, with more energy, and I pretty much have a normal life now. There is no magic pill. Is a important change that we have to make to our eating habits and approach to diseases.

And poor diet is the root of most of the diseases right now. We have empty nutrient, vitamin and mineral bodies trying to fight disease but without any strength.

I think this is the future of the medicine. This is modern medicine.” 

Are you ready to take back YOUR health?

As a natural health care practitioner, it frustrates me that patients – perhaps folk just like you – are sent from pillar to post in the medical system without getting answers.

Proper testing is rarely done, and hardly any doctors teach you how to eat for optimum health, yet these are the two most important pieces in the jigsaw for helping you get and stay well!

We would love to be able to help you, and as you can see from Marcelino’s story, and the testimony from the hundreds of other people we help each year is just a decision away.

Marcelino had felt unwell for some 8 years.

I waited 4 years before I took the plunge and ran a stool test for myself.

It’s crazy to wait that long when the testing technology is at your fingertips and you don’t even need to leave the privacy of your own home to do it.

If you decide to take the plunge we’ll refund every penny if your test doesn’t reveal the reasons you’re feeling unwell.

We want to make it absolutely risk free for you and break down any barriers or concerns you might have about working with us.

If your test does show up positive for bad bugs or other digestive issues, we’ll bend over backwards to hold your hand and make sure you reach your health goals, just like Marcelino did.

You can arrange, or find out more about a stool test, here.