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How Paul beat fatigue and weight change


Paul, aged 60, came to us complaining about a whole gamut of different symptoms relating to his energy levels, skin, mood, digestion, blood pressure and weight changes.

Knowing that all these symptoms are connected and are caused by too much ”bad stuff” being in the body, combined with inadequate “good stuff”, we knew we could help.

Paul had been plagued for almost fifteen years with:

Acne rosacea
Fungal nails
Gas and Bloating
Arthritis in his wrist
Cold/flu symptoms
High blood pressure
Unexplained weight changes

Unsurprisingly, Paul’s symptoms really affected his quality of life, preventing him from doing many of the things he enjoys.

He decided to do a comprehensive stool test to check which “bad bugs” might be lurking deep within his intestines and to find out whether he was digesting his food properly.

You can see the main results of his test result, below, indicating that he had:

H. pylori
A very dense yeast and fungal overgrowth
An unidentified parasite
Low elastase I, indicating pancreatic insufficiency
High triglycerides, indicating he was not digesting fat effectively


All important action steps:

We began by helping Paul alter his food intake and eating habits to provide a solid foundation for his recovery.

He then followed an indiviualised supplement protocol to deal with his H. pylori, yeast/fungi and parasite.

After approximately 90-days, in Paul’s words, these were the results:

Fatigueenergy levels greatly improved
Anxietynot to speak of
Acne Rosaceaoccasionally on nose when drinks alcohol
Fungal nailsno improvement
Bloatingimproved – experienced very occasionally
Some constipation improved
Arthritis in wriststill there
Cold/flu symptomsnone of late
High blood pressureimproved (lower)
Unexplained weight changesweight normalized due to better understanding of nutrition

As you can see, 9 out of 12 (80%) of Paul’s symptoms had improved significantly and his as a result, his quality of life skyrocketed.

Interestingly, he noticed his skin condition (acne rosacea) comes back when he drinks alcohol.

This goes to show the importance of minimizing or avoiding “bad foods” before considering all the possibly “fancy” symptom causes such as bad bugs.

It takes time to heal fungal nails, which is likely why Paul didn’t experience improvement in that area. If Candida is in the general circulation, a longer programme duration is generally needed to clear the symptom.

Likewise, arthritis is a condition that may take longer to respond because there can be so many possible causes (nutrient imbalances, hormones, chronic dehydration, allergies, autoimmune reactions, etc.)

Do you have similar symptoms to Paul’s?

As you can see from the improvements Paul experienced, it’s possible to quickly improve a plethora of symptoms with the appropriate programme.

It’s just a matter of realizing that symptoms are always caused by a combination of:

Too much bad stuff being in your body (bad food, bad bugs, bad toxins)

Inadequate levels of good stuff in your body (good food, good bugs, good nutrients.


Your gut is the crucial starting point: if it’s not working properly, too much bad stuff is going to leak into your body and too little good stuff is going to get in.

That’s one main reason why people like Paul – and maybe you – experience mood, energy, skin and other symptoms due to poor gut function.

I personally experienced a similar symptoms pattern to Paul – fatigue, mood issues, difficulty sleeping, skin problems and, of course, digestive symptoms.

I waited four years before I bothered to take action, which I now look back and consider to four years of completely unnecessary struggle.

The amazing opportunity that emerged from my own situation, however, was the opportunity to help people like you.

A stool test and 60min consultation carries my personal guaranteed to help you kickstart your recovery.

Whether you’re tired, moody, embarrassed by your skin and nails, struggling to sleep, or quite simply stuck, lost and stressed about which way to turn, we can help.

It starts with a comprehensive home stool test that you can perform in the comfort and privacy of your home.

It’s risk free: if we can’t help once we’ve received your results, checked your symptoms and analysed your food diary, we’ll refund you in full.

You can find out more, or arrange a test, here.