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Jack Walton


Pain & Energy Specialist
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
Bowen Therapist


Jack Walton has been developing a holistic and integrated approach to health for more than ten years and has achieved enormous success in helping his clients overcome pain and digestive problems, lose weight and improve energy levels.

Jack has a special interest in helping his clients overcome digestive symptoms and is currently co-authoring a book on the common parasite Cryptosporidium with Dave Hompes.

Crypto” is very common intestinal parasite that can cause an enormous variety of digestive symptoms in people who are infected. It is one of the digestive bugs we see most in our clients’ stool test results and Jack’s book is a welcome educational tool that will undoubtedly help many thousands of people.

Jack is currently studying with the Functional Medicine University, possesses two degrees and has studied extensively with the CHEK Institute in California, Poliquin Performance Centre in Carolina and as a Bowen Therapist. He is also a level II practitioner with Healthexcel’s system of nutritional and metabolic typing.

Jack is a skilled pain-therapist and exercise coach in addition to his talents as a nutrition, lifestyle and functional medicine practitioner. His clinic works in conjunction with the NHS on various projects across in North East England.

Jack’s Qualifications

  • Functional Medicine Student (FMU University, Carolina USA)
  • Certified Metabolic Typing Adviser (Healthexcel, UK/USA)
  • Bowen Technique Therapist
  • B.Sc Applied Biology
  • M.Sc Sports Science
  • CHEK Exercise Coach (CHEK Institute, California, USA)
  • CHEK Practitioner/Rehabilitation Specialist, Level I (CHEK Institute, California USA)
  • Poliquin Strength Coach (Poliquin Education, Rhode Island, USA)
  • Biosignature Fat Loss & Weight Management Modulation Coach (Poliquin Education, Rhode Island, USA)

Jack’s Contact Details

Jack runs regular phone consultations with clients around the world and is available for in-person appointments in Co. Durham, UK.

Contact Jack Walton at:


Jack’s in-person consultations are held at:

Northern Integrative Health Practice Ltd

The Sacriston Practice

Durham Road