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Natural Treatment Options

Are you looking for natural, alternative “treatment” options because antibiotics have not worked for you?

Are you simply not interested in taking antibiotics?

We firmly believe in freedom of choice and we feel that patients are not given enough choice in the treatments they are offered in most medical settings. We work hard to offer these choices in an honest and ethical way so that you can choose the right option for yourself.

We are certainly not against the use of antibiotics because they work wonderfully well for some people. But medical research clearly shows that they are very “hit and miss” and, of course, they can actually cause other problems, including allergic responses and many unpleasant side-effects.

It’s also well-recognised that antibiotic use can lead to the overgrowth of yeast and fungal organisms like Candida, which can perpetuate your symptoms.

Finally, the use of antacid medications is well known to increase the risk of picking up other unwanted invaders – some potentially serious ones such as C difficile and E coli – as well as contributing to significant nutritional deficiencies.

On this website we’ve strived to offer a range of different alternative options to help you put an end to your symptoms:

  • Read The H Pylori Diet book to learn how to eat an anti-inflammatory diet, which is often enough to vastly reduce stomach pain, wind, bloating and gas.
  • Use the Quick Fix Protocols and duplicate the exact methods we used to heal our digestive systems by removing unwanted bacteria, parasites and yeast and repairing your delicate stomach and intestinal lining. These protocols work best when used alongside the dietary recommendations in the H Pylori Diet book and also in our special accompanying Recipe and Cookbook, which has been written to ensure that you are able to make all the diet change you need in a convenient and stress-free way!
  • Run a GI Effects Stool Test to double check that you have achieved your goals and ensure that you do not have parasites, Candida overgrowth and other “bad bugs” that may be causing your symptoms.

Get Personalised and Customised Help!

Don’t forget that if you feel “stuck” or at a dead end, you can also arrange a phone or face to face consultation with one of our digestive health experts.

Simply visit the Consultations page

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