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H-pylori Treatments & Cures

H Pylori Treatments & Cures
(Medical & Natural)

Wow, this is a tough area to try to cover on a single web page! I’ll do my best but I can only really provide bullet points for you.

First I will cover medical treatments, then I will cover natural programs, which can be just as effective as medical treatments as long as they are done properly

I was personally able to eradicate my own H pylori infection using a completely natural protocol.

The main problem with H pylori treatment is that many doctors (not all) are not aware of the current research that is being done in this area.

Nor are they aware that natural botanical (herbal) programmes can be just as effective, if not more so, than conventional treatments. I am always disappointed to hear that doctors have actively warned people away from some of these excellent options.

If you would like more detailed information, I highly recommend that you request the H Pylori Secrets DVD clip and Two Special Reports by providing your email address, below.

Conventional H Pylori Treatments

  • Conventional “front line” Helicobacter treatment prescribed by doctors is called Triple Therapy.
  • It involves taking two different antibiotics for 7-10 days, along with an antacid medication (brand names such as Prevacid, Nexium, Protonix, generic names like Omeprazole, Pantoprazole and Lanzoprazole)
  • Many different combinations of antibiotics can be used: Tetracycline, Clarithromycin, Amoxicillin, Levofloxacin and others
  • The reason for the antacid medication is that the antibiotics work better when there is less acid in your stomach.

Do The Treatments Work?

  • Medical research clearly shows that there is a huge variation in the success rates of Triple Therapy.
  • Some people achieve excellent success: their symptoms disappear very quickly and on re-test their H pylori infection has been eradicated.
  • Studies reveal large differences in success rates – in some studies we see eradication rates of 80-90%, in others the eradication rates are as low as 50%.

Potential Problems With Triple Therapy:

The following statement is taken from the 2009 report of the European Helicobacter study group, edited by Dr David Graham, MD.

“The recommended first-line treatment in Europe and North America is proton pump inhibitor (antacid) combined with amoxicillin and clarithromycin being the favoured regimen. Rates of eradication with this regimen however are falling alarmingly due to a combination of antibiotic resistance and poor compliance with therapy.”

Let’s take a look at the key issues:

  • Triple therapy is not as effective as it used to be because H pylori strains are becoming more resistant to the treatments.
  • Compliance rates in treatment are falling. It’s not clear why, but it’s very important to understand that some people simply cannot tolerate the medications.
  • Both the antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors (antacids) can cause significant side effects that prevent patients from completing the full course of medication.
  • The side effects can absolutely worsen a patient’s situation and can cause more problems than they solve.

My Experience

  • I hear from patients, clients and customers on a daily basis who had great results using Triple Therapy.
  • I also hear some real horror stories where people have been through several courses of Triple Therapy only to find that their symptoms are worse and that H pylori bacteria are still present!
  • Many people complain of side effects when they use antibiotics.

Other Medical Treatment Interventions

  • If Triple Therapy fails, some doctors are aware of the other H pylori therapy options.
  • However it is fair to say that many doctors are not fully aware of these additional options and simply continue to prescribe the same treatment over and over again, without success.
  • Options include bismuth-based quadruple therapy, sequential therapy and therapy with a drug called Levofloxacin.

What Should You Do?

  • If you have used first-line Triple Therapy without success, ask your doctor about the following second line therapies:
  • Quadruple Therapy with bisumth compounds
  • Sequential Therapy
  • If these therapies still do not work for you, third line therapies are also available using rifabutin and furazolidone.

Other Considerations

  • The use of both antacids and antibiotics has been shown to cause Candida overgrowth in the stomach. Candida is a type of yeast/fungus that can cause the same symptoms as H pylori.
  • The overgrowth of Candida can mean that your symptoms either do not improve or get worse!
  • I want to make it very clear that even when you eradicate H pylori, symptoms may not go away.
  • Common foods that you’re eating as well as the damage that was caused by H pylori may mean that you still have a lot of symptoms even if your test shows that the H pylori bacteria have been eradicated.
  • Read the information below about diet below and at the H Pylori Diet page for more details.

Natural Programs

  • Natural programmes can be highly effective against H pylori
  • There are many exceptionally good products on the market
  • There are also many very poor quality products on the market
  • Some brands are much higher quality than others and are produced with much stricter quality control
  • The quality of the same herb or supplement, e.g. Mastic Gum, can differ greatly from one manufacturer to another
  • Many websites are advertising products as “miracle cures” but these claims must always be questioned

The Biggest Mistakes People Make With Natural Programmes

In my experience, patients make the following crucial mistakes with natural programs.

  • They do not use supplements that are of high enough quality
  • They do not take the correct dosage of the products: often the guidelines on the bottle specify only 1-2 capsules or tablets per day. This dose usually needs to be at least doubled to be effective.
  • They do not use the products for long enough. Natural protocols usually need to be followed for an absolute minimum of 30-60 days. One bottle of mastic gum, for example, just won’t cut it.
  • Sometimes more than one product is required, particularly if particularly difficult cased of H pylori are present.

The Essential Role Of Diet

If you have not already done so, I highly recommend that you request the H Pylori Secrets DVD clip and Two Special Reports as they will help you understand the role of diet in more detail.

I also highly recommend that you consider ordering the H Pylori Diet e-book as it contains a complete nutrition, lifestyle and botanical/herbal protocol to help you eradicate H pylori once and for all.

Here is why eating the right foods is so important when you have H pylori:

  • Eating common foods like milk, pasta and bread can actually CAUSE the same symptoms as H pylori, so even if you get rid of H pylori, your symptoms may not budge.
  • I’ve seen all symptoms clear simply by changing the diet of my customers and clients. See the H Pylori Diet page for testimonials and learn how you can achieve the same results.
  • Some foods have been shown to inhibit the growth of H pylori and can be introduced into your diet easily.
  • Herbs and supplements that are used to help eradicate H pylori will not be as effective if your diet is not optimised. In fact, you may waste a lot of money on supplements that simply don’t work if dietary considerations are not addressed first.
  • Because some foods cause inflammation in your intestines, you may not be able to eradicate H pylori until the inflammation has been reduced (this can only be done by cutting out the offending foods).
  • If you don’t change your diet, you may not gain relief from your symptoms, even when H pylori has gone.
  • If you have Candida as well as H pylori you must alter your diet otherwise the yeast and fungal organisms may be very hard to eradicate.

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