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2004 Medical Letter

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In the document below, you will find a medical article detailing the antibiotic treatment products for the main parasites. It may well come in handy if you run testing and detect bad bugs. I hope you find it helpful!

Click here to access the The Medical Letter

If you would prefer to use natural protocols, including foods, herbs, nutrients, clays and other cleansing tools, you have a number of options.

My strongest recommendation is to run a comprehensive home stool test to detect your own parasite “load” and assess your digestive function. This is our #1 tool for helping our clients get well and stay well.

Click here for details about the comprehensive stool testing.

If you’d prefer a “DIY” approach, my Hompes Method Basics programme is a logical choice.

It’s my ultimate eating and lifestyle guide to help you rejuvenate body and mind. It’s delivered over 90-days (13-weeks), with one lesson each week giving you all the tools you need to completely transform your health, without the need for expensive consulting fees.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about and access this very special programme.

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