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Hompes Method Food List

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I am delighted to give you the Hompes Method food list, which is a colour coded list that helps you avoid “bad foods” whilst increasing your intake of “good foods”.

Click here to download the Hompes Method Food List

We have a number of tools to help you organise and implement the food list, including:

1. The H. Pylori Diet, a book that contains a basic eating strategy to help reduce and even eliminate your digestive symptoms, whilst boosting your energy and mood.

Click here for details about The H. Pylori Diet, or to grab your copy.

2. Hompes Method Basics, which is my ultimate eating and lifestyle guide to help you rejuvenate body and mind. It’s delivered over 90-days (13-weels), with one lesson each week giving you all the tools you need to completely transform your health, without the need for expensive consulting fees. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about and access this very special programme.
Click here for details about Hompes Method Basics and begin transforming your body and mind today!

3. The Digest-Ease Recipe and cookbook, written by my friend a colleague, Karen Maidment, to help you create delicious recipes and meals in the knowledge that they will not upset your tummy.
Click here for details about the Digest-Ease Recipe and Cookbook