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Allicillin by Designs For Health – Product Review

Garlic has been used for a centuries to fight unwanted invaders in the body, particularly in the GI tract.

But getting enough raw garlic in your diet can be difficult.

Allicillin, by Designs For Health, is a super-potent garlic supplement that we’ve had a lot of success with.

Be sure to watch the video AND read the important info beneath it, and I hope it helps.

Make sure you turn the sound up on your computer or device.

Stuff I’m obliged to say

The use of supplements such as Allicillin does not replace the recommendations of a licensed physician. Always check with your physician or healthcare provider before using this product.

Allicillin by Designs For Health – quick summary

– Allicillin provides a highly concentrated source of allicin, the active component of garlic (allicin is what seems to make garlic effective for certain conditions).

– You get a much bigger dose or “hit” of allicin from  a supplement like this compared to eating garlic (even raw garlic)

– As I showed in The H. Pylori Diet, the literature supports garlic’s use against H. pylori, and also Candida  small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO, and intestinal parasites.

– It is shown in the literature to have an anti-biofilm effect, disrupting the matrix that protects microbes from the immune system and antimicrobial drugs (biofilms are considered to be one of the leading causes of antibiotic resistance). This is really a really important property.

– Clinically, we have used it with many clients seeking to improve digestive health, usually with great success and virtually zero side effects (except stinking of garlic – see below).

– Garlic has many other health promoting properties – cardiovascular health, blood pressure, diabetes, improved immune function and possibly a contribution to cancer prevention.

Cautions when taking Allicillin and garlic

Garlic and allicin are generally very safe, however, some people do need to be cautious. Here are some things to be careful about:

– If you take more than two capsules per day, you’ll absolutely stink of garlic!

– DO NOT use if you are taking blood thinning or anticoagulant medications, or if you have low blood pressure, or a known allergy to garlic.

– PLEASE consult your doctor if you are in any doubt about using allicin-containing products, or whether garlic will interact with your meds.

– There is a good summary at the medical website WebMD

Garlic is not a panacea

As you’ll hear me say time and time again, nutritional and herbal supplements always work best when they are used as part of an overall wellness plan.

It’s unrealistic to expect any supplement to be a magic wand (although now and again, we do see crazy health improvements when someone takes a specific supplement).

Please incorporate my supplement recommendations into an overall plan that ensures you get the results you long for, and don’t waste money in the process.

Learn to harness Allicillin’s benefits in recovering from H. pylori in The H. Pylori Diet book. Click here to learn more.

(I’m really proud of it – it’s the programme I wish I could have found when I was ill)

Get a 10-20% discount on Allicillin

I’ve negotiated some discounted rates for my readers, for Allicillin and a very similar product – Garlic Select (and, indeed, for many products in my review series).

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Have you tried garlic supplements before? Did they work, or did you have problems?

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