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Florassist Oral Hygiene and Florassist Throat Health – Product Review

Florassist Oral Hygiene and Florassist Throat Health are specialized probiotic supplements designed to improve oral and throat health.

They’re great products – good for kids, too – and come highly recommended if you struggle with chronic oral, sinus and middle ear infections (otitis media).

Florassist does not treat these infections, but with extended use, may help to prevent them.

In fact, studies show that kids have dramatically fewer throat infections when they use the probiotics contained in these products.

In addition to infection prevention, restoring optimal microbe levels in your mouth and throat can help to reduce gum inflammation and bleeding, and can also freshen your breath.

I personally use Florassist most days, along with Dentalcidin, to my oral and throat health in tip top condition.

Turn the sound up on the video and enjoy!

Stuff I’m obliged to write

Florassist does not replace the recommendations of a licensed physician. Always check with your physician or healthcare provider before using this product.

Florassist Oral Hygiene and Throat Health

– Florassist is a very interesting group of products, which contain specific probiotic strains that have been studied for their ability to improve oral ecology and (possibly) prevent certain infections.

– The Florassist lozenges are designed to dissolve in the mouth (ideally under the tongue) and release their probiotic cargo into the oral cavity and throat. As such, they’re really easy to use.

– Florassist Oral Hygiene contains Streptococcus salivarius M18, also known as BLIS M18® and Lactobacillus plantarum L-137.

– Florassist Throat Health contains Streptococcus salivarius K12, also known as BLIS K12®.

– In clinical trials, it has been demonstrated that K12 and M18 may help to reduce the incidence of throat infections (sore throats), and potentially reduce the occurrence of rhinitis, flu, laryngitis, acute otitis media (earache) and enteritis (GI infections).

Florassist and Streptococcus K12 / M18 studies

You can read about some of the studies at these links (the info is interesting):

Contraindications and drawbacks

– Florassist products have a very good safety record and clients are generally very pleased with their outcomes (I think the products are excellent).

– However, like any other supplement, individual responses may vary and you should not use this product if you know you have allergies to any of its ingredients.

– In particular, it is important to take great care when holding the lozenges in the mouth. Parents should watch their children closely to ensure any risk of choking is minimized.

– Be sure to consult a licensed physician if you are unsure whether this product is right for you.

Florassist products are not panaceas

While the Florassist range is fab, it is not a panacea – it is not going to resolve every single health complaint you have.

Like all supplements, Florassist is most effective when used as part of a comprehensive wellness plan comprised of sensible nutrition and lifestyle choices, lab testing and personalised support.

It’s unrealistic to expect any supplement to be a magic wand (although now and again, we do see crazy health improvements when someone takes a specific supplement).

Please incorporate my supplement recommendations into an overall plan that ensures you get the results you long for, and don’t waste money in the process.

The Digestive Reset Plan is a comprehensive online gut healing and energy boosting program and community – try it now for just $1.00.

Save 10% on Florassist products

UK and Europe

To claim your 10% discount on Florassist Throat Health or Florassist Oral Hygiene, simply create an account with Amrita Nutrition by doing this:

  • Click here to visit the Amrita website
  • Click on “Login” near the top right corner
  • Create a new customer account (choose whether you are customer or practitioner)
  • Log in to your account to order products and receive your 10% discount!

Note that Amrita can also ship outside Europe to Canada, Australia, etc.

US, Canada, Australia, NZ, South Africa, etc.

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot pass a discount to you on the Florassist products.

If you’re in the US, you can order direct from a number of different suppliers.

The Life Extension Foundation and iherb both enable you to buy Florassist.

If you’re in Canada, Australia or any of the other countries we serve, you might like to look around to find the best supplier.

Remember that Amrita Nutrition in the UK can ship worldwide (see details above).

Questions and comments

Have you tried Florassist?

Did it work for you? If so, how?

Anything you can share will help others, so feel free to comment below.

We’ll publish and respond to all comments ASAP.

Please also remember that we’re available to run detailed case review and consultations to give you personalised, in depth support.



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