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Recently Been Diagnosed With H Pylori

Have you have recently been diagnosed with H pylori?

Are you seeking basic information on the topic?

I was pretty shocked recently when I looked at several medical websites to see if their H pylori information had been updated recently. In some cases, the pages had not been updated for many years.

This is very disturbing to me because literally hundreds – if not thousands – of medical studies are performed on H pylori each year, but the information isn’t passed down to the people who need it most!

The lack of current, up-to-date H pylori information is a real problem in my opinion because it may confuse patients (perhaps you?) and lead to poor treatment outcomes.

If this is the case for you, then please browse all the articles and videos on our website as it’s the most complete H pylori information available.

However if you really do not like staring at the computer screen – I know I don’t – then you can also grab these products:

  • The H Pylori Diet paperback book (also available as PDF download)
  • The H Pylori Secrets DVD
  • The Gut Buddies Digestive Health Bundle, which contains books, e-books, DVDs and audio recordings to help you fully understand the real reasons your symptoms are occurring AND what to do about them!

Get Personalised and Customised Help!

Don’t forget that if you feel “stuck” or at a dead end, you can also arrange a phone or face to face consultation with one of our digestive health experts.

Simply visit the Consultations page

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