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Richard’s weight loss, skin and energy success!

“People have been amazed at the amount of weight I have lost and have all commented on how good I look, especially my skin. Despite my initial skepticism, it’s very clear that behind my “2lbs a week weight-loss” there’s a lot of science and expertise. It’s a programme like no other I’ve ever experienced.” – Richard B, Newcastle, UK.

Richard, aged 65, was referred to us because he was struggling with several symptoms that were reducing his quality of life.

His main goal was to lose weight. He’d been overweight for some time and was really struggling to burn his excess fat.

In addition to his weight problem, Richard was experiencing:

Bad breath
Loud snoring at night
Low energy levels
Low moods when fatigue set in
Poor quality skin

It was a long 5 years since he felt he’d experienced good health.

In addition to these symptoms, in the past, Richard had his:

Gall bladder removed
Appendix removed

He’d also had:

Hepatitis (20 yrs previous)
A damaged sciatic nerve

Interestingly, Richard had zero digestive symptoms, but this did not mean his digestive system wasn’t in need of some work.

We began working on Richard’s nutrition with and by steadily optimizing his food intake and timing.

As you can see below, his stool test revealed low levels of “good bugs”, especially Bifidobacter and elevated putrefactive SCFA’s, indicating poor protein digestion.


With the digestive system, it’s not always about having bad bugs in there. Simply
being unable to digest your food effectively can be a major cause of digestive symptoms, fatigue, skin, mood and sleep symptoms.

Richard’s results

On his nutrition regimen, Richard was able to consistently lose around 1-2lb per week, for a total of 29lbs total weight loss (that’s around 13kg).

His energy levels improved and his sciatic nerve pain reduced significantly.

He also had plenty of people commenting about how healthy his skin had become!

The reason he was able to achieve such excellent results was his diligence in following our basic recommendations.

Unlike many other cases we work with, whilst his stool test was very helpful, it didn’t reveal the main reasons for his symptoms.

His lifestyle was the reason behind his inability to lose weight, reduce pain and have glowing skin.

But that’s just the point.

A stool test can be enormously helpful, but it isn’t necessarily everything.

It’s a strong foundation of basic nutrition – with a little fine-tuning thrown in – and specific lifestyle tweaks that create the biggest improvements.

When you combine the basics with a stool test, you get the best of both worlds and, to be honest, it’s harder NOT to get results than it is to achieve them.

If you have a bunch of digestive symptoms, the stool test will determine the fine-tuning work you need to do with your digestion, such as removing specific bad bugs and replacing good ones.

You may need to support your ability to digest food, too.

Unless you assess, you have to guess, and that’s not the way we like to do things.

I guessed what was wrong for four years before I finally found the answers I was looking for – H. pylori and parasites.

Had I not run a stool test who knows where I’d be right now!

So, if you’re fed up of feeling unwell, a stool test and 1-2-1 consultation could be just what you need to kick start your journey back to tip top vitality.

My big regret in life is I put off a stool test for four years. Please don’t make it yours – don’t forget, if it comes back blank, you get a full refund.

What’s more, the test is done in the privacy of your own home. You just send off a sample in the packaging provided.

You can find out more about a test, or arrange one, here.