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Can Eucalyptus Be Used Alongside Antibiotics in H pylori Treatment?

Many studies show a positive effect when natural compounds are used alongside triple therapy for H pylori. In fact, in my experience, some herbs and plant extracts are as effective, if not more so, than triple therapy, which is how we have been able to run with a 95% success rate in helping folk overcome their H pylori symptoms.

Eucalyptus torelliana leaf extracts are used in Nigerian traditional medicine to treat gastrointestinal disorders, so a team of researchers decided to add Eucalyptus to standard triple therapy too see if it improved H pylori treatment outcomes. Here’s what they found:

  • While the extracts weakly inhibited the growth of HP strains, the addition of the fractions and isolated compounds of Eucalyptus torelliana leaf enhanced the activity of clarithromycin, a common antibiotic used against H pylori.
  • The MIC values of clarithromycin and the botanical compounds were reduced twofold in the combination study (this basically means that when clarithromycin and Eucalyptus were used together, they had double the strength/potency against H pylori).

Our researchers concluded that the investigation demonstrated that a combination of botanical extracts/compounds and antibiotics may be beneficial in the treatment of H. pylori infections.


T. O. Lawal et al. Combination studies of Eucalyptus torelliana F. MUELL. leaf extract and clarithromycin on H. pylori. European Helicobacter Study Group. XXIII International Workshop on Helicobacter and Related Bacteria in Chronic Digestive Inflammation and Gastric Cancer. Rotterdam, September 16–18, 2010. P.326.

Dave Hompes’ Comments

Mother Nature always knows best. For every problem, she has a solution, so it’s no surprise that, time and time again, we see improvements in the efficacy of medical treatments when some of Mother Nature’s ingredients are added in.

Mastic gum, vitamin U from cabbage juice, bismuth, DGL, berberine, resveratrol and many other individual herbs have been shown to inhibit or kill H pylori outright. Furthermore, they don’t cause anywhere near the same level of side-effects.

But because they cannot be patented for profit, drug companies are not interested in their benefits. I am not saying everyone should use natural treatments for H pylori, nor am I saying people shouldn’t use pharmaceutical antibiotics. I am saying that options do exist outside the medical paradigm and they deserve a lot more attention than they’re currently given to enable patients to make informed choices about their respective courses of action.

Recommendations That May Help In the Treatment of H Pylori:

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  • The book includes a series of precise, clinically proven and scientifically validated protocols to help you overcome H pylori and repair its damage.
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  • If you would like one-to-one, discreet, personalized support from one of the Hompes Method team, please click here. Ever since I was diagnosed with H pylori in 2007 – having eradicated it using diet changes, herbs and nutritional supplements – it has been my mission to help people like you around the world understand and overcome health challenges using an integrated health approach. Where possible we work closely with the medical profession to combine the best of conventional medicine with our cutting edge clinical nutrition and functional medicine techniques. It is our hope that we can help you achieve your health related goals.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the web-form, below.

In love and light,

Dave Hompes & The Hompes Method team


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