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Finding It Hard To Eradicate H Pylori

Have you had H pylori for some time?

Are you finding it hard to beat H pylori and overcome your symptoms, despite taking treatment?

Unfortunately, this is a very common situation.

Triple Therapy antibiotic treatments have been failing more and more people in recent years and this is something that has been heavily reported in the medical literature.

It’s common for patients – perhaps you – to seek “natural” alternatives if medical treatments don’t work.

This brings its own challenges because:

  • Which herbs and supplements should you use?
  • Whose products do you trust?
  • How long do you take the products for?
  • What dosage do you use?
  • What else can you do to make the products more effective?
  • Which foods should you avoid?

We can really help in this situation.

Remember that three of my team, including myself, had H pylori, yet none of us have it any more and we all recovered from our symptoms very quickly.

Here’s how we did it:

  • We used specific dietary changes to reduce pain, inflammation and irritation in our digestive symptoms (and we still eat this way)
  • We used specific herbs and nutrients, in specific ways, for an optimal period of time, to help restore the proper bacterial balance in our digestive systems and repair damaged gut tissue.
  • We optimised our digestion by replacing stomach acid and digestive enzyme levels.
  • We followed up with comprehensive laboratory testing to ensure that we’d achieved our goals (and we all run these labs every 6 months to make sure all is still ok!)

You can copy what we did by doing the following:

  • Read The H Pylori Diet book to learn how to eat an anti-inflammatory diet, which is often enough to vastly reduce stomach pain, wind, bloating and gas.
  • Use the Quick Fix Protocols and duplicate the exact methods we used to heal our digestive systems by removing unwanted bacteria like H pylori and repairing our delicate stomach and intestinal lining.
  • Run a GI Effects Stool Test to double check that you have achieved your goals and ensure that you do not have parasites, Candida overgrowth and other “bad bugs” that may be causing your symptoms.

Get Personalised and Customised Help!

Don’t forget that if you feel “stuck” or at a dead end, you can also arrange a phone or face to face consultation with one of our digestive health experts.

Simply visit the Consultations page or download the initial client paperwork.

Click here to read about how we can customise a healing protocol for you.

Download the initial client intake forms.

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