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H Pylori Natural Treatments

Wow, this is a tough area to try to cover on a single web page because there is so much information to discuss!

Before we begin, please also ensure that you read the page dedicated to explaining the Medical H Pylori Treatments as well.

I am walking proof that H pylori can be eradicated without antibiotics. I was personally able to eradicate my own H pylori infection using a completely natural protocol and I’ve helped countless hundreds of people achieve the same results.

Natural botanical (herbal) programmes can be just as effective, if not more so, than conventional treatments and they tend to cause much fewer side effects (if any). I am always disappointed to hear that doctors have actively warned people away from some of these excellent options.

However, it is very important for you to understand and acknowledge that if a natural programme is going to work for you, there are several essential issues for you to consider.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make With H Pylori Natural Treatment

I’d like to help you AVOID making the following mistakes if you choose a natural path to assist with your H pylori infection:

  1. Please choose supplements that are of high enough quality:
    • There are many different mastic gum products, garlic extracts, DGL, probiotic, etc brands but not all are created with the same potency.
    • This leads to people spending money on the RIGHT generic supplements, but the WRONG brands.
  2. Make sure that you take the correct dosage of the supplements:
    • Supplement manufacturers are obliged by law to recommend very low doses on the supplement bottles. Therefore, if folk follow the dosing guidelines on the bottle, they do not take enough of the product to effectively eradicate H pylori.
    • In other words, doses of 1-2 capsules per day are generally way too low and often need to be doubled, or even tripled in order to be effective against H pylori.
  3. Take the products for the correct length of time:
    • With the exception of Matula Herbal Formula, natural protocols usually need to be followed for an absolute minimum of 60 days.
    • If the protocols are only used for 2-4 weeks, they may inhibit H pylori to a degree, but as soon as the protocol is stopped, the H pylori bacteria proliferate again.
  4. Use combination and compound products, especially in difficult H pylori cases:
    • There are many different strains of H pylori bacteria and not all strains are inhibited by a single product like, for example, Mastic Gum.
    • When I designed the Stomach Cleanse protocols that are available in The H Pylori Diet book and in the Quick Fixes section of this website, I made sure that I used the best possible combination of products.
  • 5. Make sure you know which products to take with food, and which ones without:
    • Some products work best on an empty stomach, some work better when taken with food.
    • Some people tolerate products better when they take them with food.
  • Change your diet:
    • At least 75% of you reading this information will benefit from eliminating key foods from your diet that are causing inflammation – just like H pylori does – and replacing them with healthier alternatives.
    • H pylori may not even be causing your symptoms. Instead, the foods you are eating may be the reason you do not feel well.
    • Inflammatory foods include cow’s milk, coffee, soy, sugar, gluten and others.
  • Understand that you may also have parasites or Candida overgrowth in your digestive system:
    • More than half the people we test have other bad bugs living in their digestive systems.
    • These bad bugs may also be causing symptoms so, even if H pylori bacteria are eradicated, symptoms may remain.

Eating the Right H Pylori Diet

I highly recommend that you consider reading the H Pylori Diet either in pdf or paperback as it contains a comprehensive programme to help you not only deal with H pylori effectively, but to also heal your digestive tract.

Here is why eating the right foods is so important when you have H pylori:

  • Eating common foods like milk, pasta and bread can actually CAUSE the same symptoms as H pylori, so even if you get rid of H pylori, your symptoms may not budge.
  • I’ve seen all symptoms clear simply by changing the diet of my customers and clients. See the H Pylori Diet page for testimonials and learn how you can achieve the same results.
  • Some foods have been shown to inhibit the growth of H pylori and can be introduced into your diet easily.
  • Herbs and supplements that are used to help eradicate H pylori will not be as effective if your diet is not optimised. In fact, you may waste a lot of money on supplements that simply don’t work if dietary considerations are not addressed first.
  • Because some foods cause inflammation in your intestines, you may not be able to eradicate H pylori until the inflammation has been reduced (this can only be done by cutting out the offending foods).
  • If you don’t change your diet, you may not gain relief from your symptoms, even when H pylori has gone.
  • If you have Candida as well as H pylori you must alter your diet otherwise the yeast and fungal organisms may be very hard to eradicate.

Herbs To Use Against H Pylori

Here is a list of herbal supplement products that have been shown to work against H pylori OR heal the stomach lining in both the scientific literature and clinical experience of practitioners around the world:

Click on each herb or product to learn more:

  1. Mastic Gum
  2. Matula Herbal Formula
  3. DGL
  4. Berberine
  5. Lactoferrin
  6. Vitamin C
  7. Zinc-L-Carnosine
  8. Bismuth
  9. Monolaurin

These pages are fully referenced where appropriate.

If you are confused about how to use these products to effectively work against H pylori, then please read The H Pylori Dietor check out the Quick Fix Packages.

H Pylori Natural Treatment Summary

  • Natural programmes can be highly effective against H pylori
  • There are many exceptionally good products on the market
  • There are also many very poor quality products on the market
  • Some brands are much higher quality than others and are produced with much stricter quality control
  • The quality of the same herb or supplement, e.g. Mastic Gum, can differ greatly from one manufacturer to another
  • Many websites are advertising products as “miracle cures” but these claims must always be questioned.

Can We Help?

If you are struggling with H pylori or any issues and symptoms that are discussed on this website, we have the tools and expertise to help you.

However we fully acknowledge that the Internet is a difficult place for us to gain your trust because of the scams that are out there (we’ve fallen foul of some of them ourselves).

Therefore we strongly recommend that you first become a member by simply entering your email address and first name in the area below so that we can share a little more of what we do with you.

However, if you’d like to check out our products and services so that you can get started on your path to wellbeing as soon as possible, here are some links to our most popular products and services:

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