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Helicobacter pylori treatment – how effective is standard triple therapy for H pylori (latest research)

Have you ever wondered why your H pylori treatment might not have worked even though you followed it to the letter?

This short video and article by Dave Hompes will give you some clues as to why H pylori may not have been eradicated in your case.

H pylori treatment is a very controversial topic. A number of problems exist within the medical system because H pylori antibiotic resistance has been on the rise for some years now.

Standard H pylori triple therapy using two antibiotics and a proton pump inhibitor is now widely regarded as having unacceptable failure rates.

The 2012 Maastricht Consensus (an annual meeting of the European Helicobacter Study Group) reported that standard triple therapy cure rates for H. pylori are at around 70% when all research is collated.

This means that for every 10 people using triple therapy, 3 people will not achieve H pylori eradication.

The main reason for H pylori treatment failure is antibiotic resistance. Triple therapy typically consists of taking a proton pump inhibitor antacid table with two different antibiotics, for 7-14 days.

The antibiotics used are usually Clarithromycin with either Metronidazole or Amoxicillin.

The biggest problem with H pylori antibiotic resistance has been the fact that the bacteria have been becoming ever more resistant to the Clarithromycin.

Sequential and Quadruple Therapy for H pylori

Alternative options include sequential therapy and quadruple therapy.

In sequential H pylori treatment therapy, antibiotics are taken back to back rather than at the same time. In other words, you do not begin taking the second antibiotic until you have completed your course of the first one.

In quadruple therapy, an additional H pylori-fighting agent placed on top of standard triple therapy. This may be bismuth – a natural compound with anti-H pylori actions – or another antibiotic.

Whilst these therapies have shown promise, they may still only be 70-80% effective and, of course, they can cause some nasty, unwanted side effects.

Natural Treatments for H pylori

Of course I’m biased because I was able to eradicate H pylori twice using nothing but natural products containing DGL, zinc, mastic gum, probiotics and Matula Herbal Formula.

Given the fact that antibiotic resistance is becoming widespread in general, not just in regard to H pylori. Some experts are warning that within 25 years we may well begin dying again from innocuous infections because of antibiotic resistance.

I personally think it’s wise to look at the pros and cons of triple, sequential and quadruple therapies, and weigh them up against the more natural (and, in my opinion, safer) counterparts.

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