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Homemade Coconut Butter Recipe

Have you ever wondered what on earth coconut butter is?

That white, amorphous blob you might have seen in a supermarket?

Well, wonder no more!

Coconut butter is a pretty cool – in fact, it’s bloody lovely as long as you like the taste of coconut!

It’s a versatile addition to your meals and recipes, and it’s helpful for healing your digestion.

Some of coconut’s health benefits

As I’ve said in previous posts, coconut contains a number of health-promoting substances.

  • Coconut contains powerful anti-microbial agents such as lauric and caprylic acid
  • Its fats are mostly medium chain fatty acids (MCTs) that your cells easily burn as fuel
  • Coconut oil may help you burn as many as 5% more calories each day and help you feel more energized
  • It may reduce your hunger and cravings

Other health benefits may include

  • Improved body composition and fat loss
  • Ketone bodies from coconut may improve brain function, even in Alzheimer’s patients
  • They may also reduce seizures in epilepsy
  • Compared with other oils such as soybean oil, coconut oil may improve blood cholesterol scores

By no means am I making outrageous medical claims that eating coconut is going to solve these problems in everyone, but the research indicates some impressive health benefits.

Store-bought coconut butter isn’t necessarily cheap

If you bu coconut butter from health foods stores or supermarkets, you’re typically looking at around £15-20 per kilogram (or about $12-20 per pound).

HOWEVER, you can save yourself a lot of cash when you prepare your own homemade coconut butter recipe, and it’s really simple.

In fact, you only need one ingredient…

Homemade coconut butter recipe ingredient:

3-4 cups unsweetened, shredded coconut (approx. 1.25 pounds)

Yup – this IS a pretty simple ingredient list!

Homemade coconut butter recipe method:

  • Measure 3-4 cups medium shredded coconut
  • Pour your coconut into a high powered blender (I use a Vitamix)
  • Turn the motor of your Vitamix or blender on.
  • Work the speed up and run the machine on “high”.
  • Run the machine on high for about 1 minute.
  • After a brief rest, process the coconut on “high” again for another or so.
  • Stop when you have your desired consistency.
  • Pour into a glass jar for storage.

Important notes about your homemade coconut butter recipe

With some blenders you may need to scrape the sides of the container otherwise the coconut will sit there and not be properly mixed.

Also, depending on your blender you may need to blend for longer – have a play around and see how you get on.

If you start with 3-4 cups of shredded coconut but you want to make more, first make your initial batch.

Then add 1 cup of additional coconut at a time, blending as you go into a butter with the addition of each cup.

Could it be this simple?

Yep, it is!

Your homemade coconut butter will be warm and runny when it comes out of your blender.

Let it sit for a while and it will set.

Just put it in the fridge or freezer if you want to accelerate the cooling process.

How much does it cost to make your homemade coconut butter recipe?

As I said above, a one pound jar of coconut butter costs approximately $12-20, depending on the brand, yet you can save at least 60% on this by buying shredded coconut and making your own.

If you’re in the UK, a jar of coconut butter is about £15-20 per kilogram, but you get a kilogram of organic shredded coconut for about £5-6.

To be honest, you can probably save a lot more if you shop around or buy in bulk.

I have always said that whole, real foods do NOT have to cost a lot of money!

Ways to use your homemade coconut butter recipe:

  • Use in recipes calling for coconut butter, of course.
  • Use it as fat for gentle frying and sauteed dishes.
  • Put it in hot drinks (e.g. your morning coffee – I LOVE using it this way)
  • Eat it off the spoon after a meal.
  • Use coconut butter as a frosting on (gluten-free) baking

Both homemade coconut milk and coconut butter form the foundation of my favourite recipes, most of which are shared in the H Pylori Diet Recipe and Cookbook.

Do you have a recipe for coconut butter that you would like to share?

How easy did you find this recipe to make and can we improve it?

Anything else?

… if so, please don’t be shy – join the fun and leave a comment below!



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