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How to treat H pylori with food and natural supplements

If you want to know how to treat H pylori with food, you’ve come to the right place.

Contrary to what many doctors will tell you, you CAN treat H pylori with food and supplements.

However it’s not as simple as you might think, for several reasons.

You may need to add some natural supplements to anti-H pylori foods in order get the result you’re looking for because foods alone may not be enough.

How to treat H pylori with food alone

Over the years, I have read thousands of studies on H pylori. Studies investigating the effect of food on H pylori clearly demonstrate that it’s possible to kill H pylori using food.

Unfortunately, these studies often lead to more questions than answers. Let me explain…

If you expose H pylori to a certain food in a laboratory dish or test tube, you are not necessarily going to get the same result as you do when you expose H pylori to the same foods in your stomach.

Put simply, there’s a huge difference between a lab environment and your stomach environment.

Many of the studies I’ve read are done in a lab, so we can’t guarantee that a food shown to kill H pylori in a lab will do the same in your stomach.

Nevertheless, we do have studies showing that foods kill H pylori in the stomach, too. These foods include:

  • Cranberry and cranberry juice
  • Blackberries and certain other berries
  • Garlic
  • Turmeric (a herb used in Eastern cooking)
  • Broccoli sprouts
  • Ginger
  • Coconut oil (specifically monolaurin in the oil)
  • Olive oil
  • Unpasteurized milk and possibly yoghurt
  • Liquorice (the salty kind, not the sweet one)

How to treat H pylori with food – what quantity?

The next problem we encounter when considering the treatment of H pylori with food is how much to use.

Unfortunately, there are not specific recommendations on how much, say, garlic, olive oil or cranberry you need to eat in order to completely eradicate H pylori.

Furthermore, how often do you need to eat these foods – is it every day, every meal, every hour?

And how long do you need to eat them for – one week, one month, three months?

I hope you can see some of the problems here.

How to treat H pylori with food AND supplements

Because we lack any agreed structure, strategy or protocol for using food to treat H pylori, I feel it’s best to add supplements into a natural approach for H pylori eradication.

Supplement manufacturers can put a highly concentrated mixture of active ingredients into a powder, tincture or capsule.

For example, there are supplements with mega-concentrations of things like curcumin (from turmeric), ginger, garlic, broccoli extract, lauric acid from coconut oil and phenols from olive oil.

In most cases, these supplements have a much higher killing power against H pylori than the whole foods.

Then, there are supplements that contain substances you won’t commonly find in food such as mastic gum, or nutrients that are in food but not in high concentrations, such as zinc carnosine, resveratrol and vitamin C.

I’ve also had great results in my own life, and with hundreds of clients, using a supplement called Matula Herbal Formula. It’s not the cheapest of products, but it works really well for most people.

Thus, it’s my recommendation to treat H pylori with food and supplements rather than relying on food alone. Food helps, but supplements supercharge the process.

The H Pylori Diet and H Pylori Home Recovery Plan

It is because this topic is so confusing that I wrote The H Pylori Diet book, which lays out the precise eating plan I use with all my clients.

It includes foods to avoid, foods to eat, menu plans and recipes, not to mention the specific herbal protocols that knock out H pylori.

For a small monthly investment, The H Pylori Home Recovery Plan goes a step further by delivering more detailed content in a specific sequence right to your computer or mobile device.

You also get weekly calls and access to me, as well as community support to make sure you heal your digestion and other areas of health you don’t feel happy with right now.

The whole idea is to stop your confusion and restore your vitality in the shortest possible time, whilst teaching you to maintain optimal vitality for the rest of your life.



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