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Not H Pylori

Do you continue to have symptoms even though you have taken treatment for H pylori?

Do you still experience symptoms even though your test results are showing that H pylori is not there?

This is such a common situation.

H pylori bacteria are not the only cause of digestive symptoms.

In fact, H pylori is really just the tip of the iceberg.

Common foods that are eaten by many people each day, other bacteria like C difficile and E coli, yeast overgrowth (e.g. Candida) and parasites can all contribute to or cause digestive symptoms, fatigue and mood imbalances.

In these cases, H pylori can be safely eradicated only for symptoms to remain or, in some cases, worsen!

We appreciate that it can be quite confusing when this happens. If you find yourself in this situation, here are our suggestions:

  • The first step in any situation where you have unexplained symptoms is to make sure that you have adjusted your diet to remove “bad” foods and put “good” foods into your body. Gluten, cow’s milk, soy, sugar and many other foods need to be eliminated and you will be surprised at the healing responses such simple changes can be. Read The H Pylori Diet for a complete diet and nutrition programme that helps you do this.
  • To really help you master the art of gluten, dairy and sugar-free eating, we teamed up with chef Karen Maidment to bring you a wonderful recipe and cookbook that teaches more than 40 simple recipe and meal ideas for your entire family to enjoy. Click here to view details of the Digest-Ease Recipe & Cookbook.
  • Whilst making adjustments to your diet can bring spectacular results, there may be chronic digestive infections lurking in your intestines that have the ability to cause similar symptoms to H pylori. We see many different parasites, bacteria and yeast/fungal problems in our clients. If you have unexplained digestive symptoms, it is essential to run a comprehensive stool test to find out what’s in there that shouldn’t be. You can do this in the comfort of your own home and we are able to get the test kits to you in North America, Australia and the UK and Europe. Once we know what is in there, we can help you remove it and put back all the things that help your digestive system work properly.

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Don’t forget that if you feel “stuck” or at a dead end, you can also arrange a phone or face to face consultation with one of our digestive health experts.

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