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The Top 5 Natural H Pylori Fighting Products

Special Notes:

This article is directly copied from Dave Hompes’ book, The H Pylori Diet

We recognise that it can be confusing for you as a consumer to know exactly which products, brands and manufacturers to trust when it comes to supplement quality and efficacy.

Two bottles of mastic gum, for example, may have completely different potencies, meaning that one may work and one may not. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money, it’s important that you do so on products that you know are effective.

The products listed below have ALL been tested in the real world with our clients, over a period of 4 years and we know they work, based on clients’ symptom relief and through repeat lab testing.

Matula Herbal Formula

Matula Herbal Formula is herbal tea comprised of a blend of herbs that grow in a small geographical area in the Cape Mountains of South Africa. The Matula is packaged into teabags. You simply make a cup of tea twice daily and drink it on an empty stomach. Because it is a highly specialised product, Matula must be ordered online and is not available in stores, unless the store has an agreement with the company to buy and resell the product. Unfortunately, due to AQIS restrictions, Matula is not allowed into Australia, so if you’re in Australia please do pay special attention to the other products discussed below.

Gastromend HP™

Gastromend-HPis an excellent product that is based on mastic gum. It is manufactured by the US company Designs for Health. Rather than simply using mastic gum in the capsules, Designs for Health have also added vitamin U, vitamin C and

DGL for their antimicrobial activity against H pylori and their ability to heal the stomach and intestinal lining.Gastromend-HPalso contains zinc-l-carnosine. The inclusion of these substances means that you do not need to buy separate bottles of each product, which helps to keep the cost of your stomach cleanse down and also makes the cleanse more convenient. Gastromend HP can be ordered from the US and UK and is not restricted in countries such as Australia, where import regulations are very strict.


Bio-HPF is an excellent supplement made by Biotics Research Corporation. It contains bismuth citrate and berberine, which may inhibit H pylori. The product also contains DGL and several other herbs that have been shown to support the lining of the digestive tract. Bio-HPF can be ordered from the US and UK and is not restricted in countries such as Australia, where import regulations are very strict.


Broccomaxis a supplement from Jarrow Formulas that contains broccoli extract. You may recall that broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables contain sulforaphane, which has been shown to have antimicrobial activity against H pylori. This product can be purchased from the US and UK and is not restricted in countries such as Australia, where import regulations are very strict.

Putting It All Together

Even when you know exactly what to take, you also need to know exactly when to take it, whether it works best with food or away from food, how much to take and for how long!

If you don’t get these parameters right, the products – as wonderful as they are – may not bring you the results you want.

Based on my clinical experience, as well as the experience of the brilliant doctors and practitioners who taught me this work, I have put together a range of 60-day natural supplement packages to help you not only effectively reduce H pylori symptoms, but to also eradicate parasites, yeast and fungal overgrowth and heal your delicate stomach and intestinal lining.

Please visit our Quick Fixes section for more details.


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