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DHA – Another Possible Agent for H Pylori Natural Treatment?

As you will know if you’ve read my book, The H Pylori Diet, or other selected articles on the H Pylori Symptoms website, you’ll already be aware that a number of natural agents can work against H pylori.  We have had great success in helping our readers and clients overcome H pylori using diet changes combined with specific herbal products used in the correct dosages. Prior to reading the below study, however, I wouldn’t have known that DHA has anti-H pylori properties.

DHA – also known as “docosahexaenoic acid” is an omega-3 fatty acid found in oily fish. It is a very important nutrient in the body and apparently may even help to kill H pylori.

According to researchers in Portugal, DHA) exerts a growth-inhibitory effect on H pylori, both in vitro (in a test tube or lab dish) and in vivo (in the body). Here is what they determined when H pylori was grown in the presence of DHA.

  • Electron microscopy revealed differences in morphology (structure) of H pylori bacteria, when treated with DHA.
  • Extracts from external and total membrane profiles suggested differences in protein composition between controls and H pylori that were DHA-treated.
  • Silver staining of LPS extracted from Hp presented a rough LPS phenotype, whereas LPS from Hp previously treated with DHA had a smooth one.
  • Treatment with DHA induced a decreased adhesion of H pylori to cells; in other words, H pylori bacteria was unable to “stick” to the cells.
  • Infected AGS cells by H pylori previously treated with DHA, did not expressed CagA protein synthesis. This is important because the CagA gene is one of the factors in H pylori most associated with stomach cancer and heart disease.
  • Additionally, IL- 8 production was also decreased in the presence of DHA. We know IL-8 is important inflammatory marker and is linked with several conditions, including gingivitis and psoriasis.

Here’s what the researchers concluded in their study:

These observations may pave the way to evaluate DHA as a co-adjuvant agent in H pylori eradication.


M. Correia et al. Docosahexaenoic acid inhibition of H. pylori growth is associated with decrease in its virulence and morphology. European Helicobacter Study Group. XXIII International Workshop on Helicobacter and Related Bacteria in Chronic Digestive Inflammation and Gastric Cancer. Rotterdam, September 16–18, 2010. P.343.

Dave Hompes’ Comments

Wow – it seems DHA can have a very significant impact on H pylori. However I think the researchers’ idea of including DHA with antibiotics is pretty enthusiastic.

The trouble is that pharmaceutical companies won’t entertain the idea of using substances such as DHA because they are naturally occurring molecules and therefore cannot be patented. Without a patent, the products are not profitable enough to warrant attention from Big Pharma.

Omega-3 fatty acids can have strong anti-inflammatory effects in the body and many nutritionists use them for this purpose. However care must be taken when using omega-3s because they are in the polyunsaturated group of fatty acids, which can also create damage to cell membranes when consumed in excess.

I only ever recommend the use of omega-3 supplements when my clients have run functional laboratory testing to justify a specific requirement that justifies the supplementation. Vitamin E is always recommended alongside these supplements.

Recommendations That May Help You Overcome H Pylori:

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In love and light,

Dave Hompes & The Hompes Method team

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