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How Mel beat months of gut symptoms and lifted her energy in just 7 days…

Mel thought she’d need a complex and expensive solution for her ongoing digestive symptoms.

A stool test was too big of a step for her, so she did my 14-day diet challenge instead.

Imagine her surprise when her symptoms practically vanished in a week just by making a few simple tweaks to her diet.

Here’s what she said:

“I took your advice and have been gluten free for a week now and I’ve already seen a huge difference.

For the first time since May I’ve not had any pain or discomfort.

I’d forgotten what that felt like! I even missed an Omeprazole tablet yesterday (something I wouldn’t normally dare do) and I’ve been ok!”

Mel had been experiencing really bad tummy bloating, heartburn and some major hormonal symptoms around her period.

She’d been diagnosed with H pylori by her doc as well as being told she had lactose intolerance and couldn’t digest cow’s milk.

But she hadn’t been told about the hidden dangers of other foods like gluten and soy.

I suggested she avoided a few more items and recommended she ate some naturally gut-calming foods instead.

A few days later, she had no more heartburn and her bloating had completely gone.

Her mood and energy also lifted virtually straight away.

All these improvements happened without Mel even needing to treat her H pylori.

That’s because sometimes the smallest changes bring the biggest results.

I’d love for you to get the same results as Mel and that’s why I wrote my cookbook (something Mel didn’t even have!)

Gluten, soy, milk and sugar free, it’s the perfect tool for overcoming a bad gut without spending a fortune.

Just use the recipes in the book for 14-days and like Mel, you too could get back to feeling like your old self again in no time.

No more bloat, tummy pain, gas and belching, and no need for an expensive test.

What’s more, you might feel your energy come up and your moods lift.

Some people even find their sleep and skin improve.

Seeing it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

Try the recipes for 14-days and see what they do for you.

I think you’ll be surprised by the improvements you see and feel.

And if you don’t like it, I’ll refund every penny.

Learn more about it here.


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