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Vitamin D – The Vitamin Gwyneth Paltrow Was Missing!

I don’t want to write a big, long article that’s hard for you to read, so this article will be short and to the point.

Vitamin D is essential for bone health, gut health and immune function. Gwyneth Paltrow declared in 2010 that she had the lowest levels her doctor had seen and, as a result, she had developed ostopaenia (thinning of the bones).

Vitamin D deficiency is rife in the Western world and these deficiencies are causing a myriad of health challenges. This article series teaches you what vitamin D does, how deficiencies can cause your health to implode and how you can test for and safely restore your levels!

I truly hope you enjoy the article (Dave Hompes)

Vitamin D and BONES

You cannot absorb calcium from your digestive system into your body properly without adequate vitamin D. Calcium is not only important for bones, but also for a myriad of functions within your cells.

Calcium deficiency can reach much further than osteoporosis. In fact, osteoporosis is a sure sign that there has been a major problem with nutritional balance for many years and even decades.


Have you ever wondered why people get more colds and flu in winter? Could it be that a lack of sunshine and resulting lower levels of vitamin D exposure play a role in the winter flu-season?

Well, research clearly shows that vitamin D is essential for fighting infections. It helps to regulate the activity of certain kinds of immune cells that are needed to gobble up infectious organisms like bacteria and it’s no coincidence that the cold and flu season goes hand in hand with the period when our vitamin D levels drop lowest.


A couple of very interesting studies have shown a much higher rate of H pylori infection in people who have low vitamin D levels. Could it be that low vitamin D levels pre-dispose people to H pylori infection because of its essential role in fighting infections?


Research has also shown us that when the intestines are damaged by gluten, processed foods, alcohol and sugar, vitamin D is an essential nutrient in helping to patch up that damage.

You may have heard of a phenomenon called “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. This is where the intestinal wall begins to leak its contents into the body.

Undigested food particles, toxins and other unwanted invaders reach the blood, leading to toxicity and the increased risk of developing allergies.

Well, it just so happens that vitamin D helps to pull the gaps in the gut wall together again, thereby assisting with the healing of a damaged gut wall.

Based on the fact that many of you undoubtedly have this intestinal damage as the result of H pylori, other bacterial infections, yeast overgrowth (Candida) and gluten-intolerance, optimizing your vitamin D levels is extremely important.


Vitamin D is also known to assist in reducing the inflammatory response in your body. Hidden, or silent, inflammation is one of the main sources of stress on your body and it is now universally agreed that some cancers, heart disease and autoimmune diseases are the result of unchecked inflammation in your body.

The result of unchecked inflammation…

Certain cancers, heart disease, autoimmune conditions like MS, type I diabetes, Crohn’s disease and fibromyalgia.

Vitamin D and YOUR GENES

Your body has around 25,000 genes. Vitamin D has been shown to influence around 3,000 of them. So literally around one-eighth of your genetic make-up can be affected by changes in vitamin D levels.

Think about how my health conditions this could encompass and think about the different symptoms that could potentially benefit from optimizing your vitamin D levels!


I’ve tried to keep this article as short and simple as possible, but hopefully you can still see just how important vitamin D is to your health.

The fact that so many people are vitamin D-deficient is a major, major problem. Thankfully it’s not that difficult to test and optimize vitamin D levels and this is a topic you will read about in a future article.

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